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Christmas and home improvement projects have me thinkin’.  I’m thinking that my hyper-focus on the stuff, the busyness and the hype needs an abrupt detour.  And I’m grateful that the Lord forgives me of my silliness, re-ignites my heart, and reminds me of the redeeming grace of the Christ child.

Otherwise, my prayers and concerns might forever look like this sad (tongue-in-cheek) number:

Dear Lord,

Just popping in to say hi and to thank you for your patience and understanding.  Please forgive me for not giving you some more of my time, but honestly, you just can’t imagine what this Christmas season’s been like for me!

By the way, I see your Word sitting in the corner, and I promise I’ll get to it.

You see, we’ve got out-of-town guests coming and hubby and I got the bright idea to do a last-minute gut-job of the hallway bathroom.  They haven’t ever seen the house and I do so want them to be impressed with my eye for design and attention to the smallest details. Anyway, the work guy put his foot through the ceiling, there’s drywall dust everywhere and paint color decisions to be made (“Dew Drop” or “Contemplation”). All that to say that most of my time is devoted to decorating, trips to home improvement stores and worrying about what I’m going to feed this crowd!

Speaking of which, I’ve got an amazing menu planned for Christmas Day! (If you could arrange it so that I get in and out of the supermarket in a jiffy Christmas week, that would be great.)  Baked ham, mashed potatoes, gorgeous sides!  By the way, I know that I’ve neglected our early morning “me and you time” but I DVR’d some Food Network shows and that’s the only time I had to review their Christmas specials. I’ve got a riff on a sweet potato casserole that’s gonna be a hit.  Can’t imagine a better feast.  Can you?

Yes, I know your Word’s sitting on the shelf in the corner.  Soon…I promise.

Anywho, the kids’ list this year is ex-ten-sive!!!!  The oldest gal wants the latest boots, the next one music for her i-pod.  There’s a ridiculously pricey jacket that’s become popular (I’ll have to order that online).  You can’t imagine how expensive it is to try and keep up with what the kids want these days.  And it really is a must if they’re going to fit in and keep up with their friends.   We just want them to be happy.

We did get a great headstart on the decorating, though.  Santa and his reindeer are just precious on the front lawn.  I wanted to get latest blow-up number that has Santa peeking out of the out-house, but it’s not in the cards this year.

Then there’s all the shopping left to do.  Between fighting traffic, trying to keep everybody’s list straight and finding the “perfect” give for extended relatives, my head is pounding.  But really, what is Christmas without presents?  Lord, if it weren’t for the gift exchange, I’d really have nothing substantial to offer these people.  I wish you could tell me what they need.

While we’re on the subject, I don’t know that I’ll be spending time with you in church on the 25th.  INCONVENIENT!  I can’t believe Christmas Day actually falls on a Sunday!  With the guests, breakfast, and the presents to open, it just really won’t work for us.  But, I’ll probably be there the next Sunday.  Oh, poop, that’s New Year’s Day.  Don’t worry, we’ll make it work.

Lord, let’s make a deal right now.  The new year’s coming, and I promise that 2012 will be different.  We’ll spend more time together.  I’ll thank you more, pray harder and volunteer more at church (except in the toddler nursery — too much snot and tears and I don’t do “partially” potty-trained kids).

And, since I’m starting off the new year with a gym membership and a real commitment to getting healthy and thin, I’ll have a lot more energy and motivation to get up early and spend time with you.  I promise.

In your precious name,


P.S.  Lord, I spotted your word again…waiting in the corner.  Didn’t want to spill anything on it so I moved it to the bottom shelf out of the way…just ’til Christmas is over.  Hope you don’t mind.